Sunday, July 09, 2006

a new beginning

wow, what a lame title for my first blog entry. oh well, i'll get over it.

if you ask me i'll tell you i'm a happy person. i honestly am. how can i not be? i have a beautiful wife that i love very much. our families are wonderful - supportive, loving, fun to be around. life is never boring - family, friends, beach trips, hokie football games, bars, shows.

but that's only half of the story.

i am not happy with my body. i have been overweight since childhood. at 6'0, 325 lbs, i am a big man. from time to time i'll get on a fitness kick. these kicks last an average of 2 days. each time i think THIS IS IT, THIS TIME I'M REALLY DOING IT and then i find myself repeating the same mistakes in no time. the most success i ever had i followed the weight watchers program for several months and reached a low of 276 lbs. i started slipping and before i knew it i was back at my pre-diet weight.

well guess what?

THIS IS IT!!!!!!! THIS TIME I'M REALLY FUCKING DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

in this blog i'll document my progress and my mistakes. i hope for this to become a place where people relentlessly call me out when i do something stupid that threatens my goal.

which reminds me, what is my goal anyway? i hestitate to attach a number to this project because in the end there's not some magic weight i want to hit. i just want to be in shape, feel good about myself, and be able to do all the things i like to do (and maybe some things i don't like to do) without carrying around the equivalent of 10 bowling balls in my gut and in my ass. but there's got to be some way to measure success, so i think for now it's going to be the scale. i'll weigh in from time to time and post the results here. eventually i'd like to get to a fit 225 lbs. with my build and heredity, it think that would be just about right. holy shit, that's 100 lbs...

so anyway, i don't want this to be like all those other lame weight loss blogs. you don't have to be nice to me in the comments. i won't cry, i promise. i mean, i'm not discouraging positive reenforcement, but sometimes i need someone to kick my ass when i screw up. i'll post more details of THE PLAN (TM) as i figure them out. eating, working out, that kind of thing. i turn 29 in november and i want to reach my goal by the time i turn 30, so some of this stuff is going to have to be aggressive.

so... here we go...


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Good luck and I'm glad I have the license to give you shit when you fuck up.

It was a good first post and I don't think your blog will be a lame "weight loss" blog and if it does.. I'll call you out on it.

9:22 AM  
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Anonymous lose quickly said...

Read your post everytime when you want to stop and give up!

4:09 AM  
Blogger DARREN Winland said...

I say something like this every month, starting new diet plan. Hold on!

6:33 AM  
Blogger Michael Boyle said...

I wonder if you really do what you've said?

4:05 AM  
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